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PCI Awareness Training
for Back Office Staff

Meet employee PCI compliance training requirements


Organizations that accept or process credit / payment cards must provide annual
PCI security awareness training for their employees as part of their overall PCI compliance program to meet the PCI DSS 3.2 requirements (Req. 12.6.1).

PCI DSS 3.2 places increased emphasis on employee training. This course will help you meet this requirement and educate your employees on how to effectively safeguard and protect payment card information.


PCI security awareness training for back office staffThis engaging and interactive training is designed to help you, your back office and billing staff, call center employees, and managers understand the basic requirements of PCI - DSS and how to safeguard customers' personal credit card information.

Employees also learn payment card security features and how to identify attempted credit card fraud during card not present / not-in-person transactions to help reduce your organization's fraud losses.

Knowledge checks, interactive learning activities, and real world scenarios maintain your employees' attention, reinforce learning, and add increased relevance to the training.


View the full course outline and features below.


Annual PCI Security Awareness Training Requirement - PCI-DSS 3.2 standard 12.6 mandates the implementation of a formal security awareness program, as well as a requirement to provide and verify employee PCI security awareness training, including new hires, at least annually.


Course Features

  30-45 minutes

 Full Interactivity

  Real World Scenarios

  Premium Audio &
    Professional Narration

  Certificate of Completion

  Compliance Tracking

compliance documentationFull Compliance Documentation
The training is managed, documented, & verified through your employee training center, including certificates of completion and full reporting.



General, back office employees, call center staff, managers, supervisors, contractors


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Course Outline

PCI Awareness Training for Back Office Staff

  • Introduction

  • The PCI Security Standards

  • Common Fraudulent Practices

  • Payment Card Security Features

  • Identifying Card Security Features

  • Processing Card Not Present / Not in Person Payment Card Transactions

  • Responding to Payment Card Fraud

  • Protecting Cardholder Data in the Office

  • Working with Vendors

  • Knowledge Check

  • Course Summary


PCI awareness back office staff training screenshot 1



PCI awareness back office staff training screenshot 2



PCI awareness back office staff training screenshot 3

The training concludes with a short assessment to verify and document the employee's understanding.


A certificate of completion is generated upon successful completion.



Course Features

  30-45 minutes
  Full Interactivity
  Real World Scenarios
  Premium Audio & Narration
  Instant Certificate of Completion
  Full Compliance Tracking


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 3.2


If your organization accepts or processes credit / payment cards, you are required to comply with the requirements of PCI DSS.


In response to consumer concerns about credit card fraud, and to establish guidelines for the protection of sensitive credit / debit / payment card data and cardholder information, the major credit card issuers created a set of rules known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or “PCI DSS Standard.”

This standard requires companies, merchants, banks, and credit card processors to implement policies and procedures to safeguard their customers’ payment card information, with significant potential penalties for non-compliance.

Recently, numerous states have also enacted legislation that mandates elements of the PCI - DSS standard as state law.


Included within the PCI DSS compliance requirements is a provision that requires covered organizations to implement a formal security awareness program, and to provide and document employee PCI security awareness training. PCI DSS 3.2, the most recent version, places an increased emphasis on employee training.



PCI DSS Standard 12.6

Security Awareness Program and Employee Training Requirements:


12.6   Implement a formal security awareness program to make all personnel aware of the importance of cardholder data security.

12.6.1  Educate personnel upon hire and at least annually.

12.6.1.a  Verify that the security awareness program provides multiple methods of communicating awareness and educating personnel (examples include: web based training, posters, awareness letters and memos, and employee meetings).

12.6.1.b  Verify that personnel attend awareness training upon hire and at least annually.

12.6.2  Require personnel to acknowledge, at least annually, that they have read and understood the security policy and procedures.




PCI Awareness for Back Office Staff
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