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Responsible Social Media & Social Networking Training for Employees

What your employees do and say online can have significant consequences for your organization


Responsible social networking trainingPersonal blogs, message boards, social media and social networking sites, and more...  These online venues and resources are both a blessing and a curse for businesses large and small, with a myriad of benefits and potential hazards for employers and employees alike.


Social media and networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, have become increasingly popular venues to post opinions and network with friends and colleagues online. However, just one inappropriate comment, tweet, text, or post could instantly bring a range of legal liabilities and unforeseen consequences for both employees and their employers. These consequences can include a damaged reputation and damaged business relationships, negative publicity, lawsuits, loss of customer trust, and a loss of business or opportunity. An organization’s success relies on all employees understanding these risks and acting with integrity and responsibility when using social media.


Responsible social networking trainingThis engaging and interactive course provides essential knowledge that all employees and professionals need to protect themselves and their employers when contributing to such social forums, and develops an understanding and appreciation of the consequences of inappropriate Internet communications.


Real world scenarios vividly present the dangers and potential consequences of improper postings to public Internet forums and social media outlets, while interactive learning activities and prescriptive best practices highlight the safest path to follow. Knowledge checks reinforce learning, and employees learn the risks and how to balance their own rights and duties with those of your organization when participating in public Internet venues.


View the full course outline and features below.


Course Features

  30-45 minutes

 Full Interactivity

  Real World Scenarios

  Premium Audio &
    Professional Narration

  Certificate of Completion

  Compliance Tracking

compliance documentation

Full Compliance Documentation
The training is managed, documented, & verified through your employee training center, including certificates of completion and full reporting.



General, all employees, supervisors, management


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Course Outline

Responsible Social Media and Social Networking Course


Lesson 1:  Social Media Risks and Benefits

  • Social Media Nightmares (scenarios)
  • Social Media Overview
  • Benefits of Social Media
  • Risks of Social Media
  • Knowledge Check – What Have We Learned?
  • Lesson Summary


Using Social Media Responsibly screenshot 1

Lesson 2:  Social Media Best Practices

  • Your Impact
  • Social Media Principles
  • Personal versus Professional Boundaries
  • Applying Best Practices
  • Making Your Opinion Count
  • Knowledge Check – What Have We Learned?
  • Lesson Summary


Responsible Social Media and Social Networking Training screenshot 2

The training concludes with a short assessment to verify and document the employee's understanding.


A certificate of completion is generated upon successful completion.



Course Features

30-45 minutes
 Full Interactivity
Real World Scenarios
Premium Audio & Narration
Instant Certificate of Completion
Full Compliance Tracking


Responsible Social Networking
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